origami masters

We’re going to be following some of the best origami step by step books. Our first book is called Easy Origami today we’re going to be making a flower if you have the book easy origami this project is page 15 to 16. First we will be making the flower part then then the stem part.

For this you will need a square piece of paper if you don’t have one then fold your piece of paper like this.

then cut of the rectangle at the top this is what it will look like

Recycle the triangle part .fold your piece of paper then unfold it it will end up like this.

Next make a square piece of paper again now unfold it now fold it so the triangles met up into the middle crease it will look like this.
Now fold the top like you folded the bottom it will look like this.
Now fold the bottom so that the triangles meet the middle it will look thinner.
Now fold the bottom so it meets the top.

Now fold the stem in half now glue the stem to the flower and its done.

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